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Keyless Cell Phone Locker by Precision Locker Company

Here is a keyless cell phone locker with unique combination locks that allow users to create their own unique codes on a per usage basis. That means that any individual locker compartment can be used by different users (patrons, customers, soldiers), one after the other, with a new code established for each user. It's that easy! So here is how it works. User "A" comes by and finds an available compartment, stores cell phone inside, sets combination lock to a personal code, closes door and locks up. When user retrieves cell phone (or other personal items), the locker compartment is left unlocked ready for user "B". This new user repeats the cycle by setting a new personal code. The result is that every user creates a unique personal code, and there is no limit to how many successive users, one after the other, can utilize the locker. It's all self service. No management assistance is required.

  • Keyless combination locks
  • Unique personal codes for each user
  • Code determined by each successive user
  • 1,000 different code combinations
  • Unlimited code changes by successive users
  • Override key for management control
  • Master door for immediate management access

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