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Cell phone lockers by Precision Locker Company are designed to provide fitness center patrons a secure locker to check their small personal valuables such as wallets, keys, cell phones, smartphones, digital cameras, etc. As a wall mount unit the cell phone locker has sixteen mini compartments secured by advanced technology key locks. Many of Precision Locker Company's customers prefer a keyless solution which utilizes our keyless definable combination lock ("UDCL") which allows the patrons to individually set and change their own combinations. Keyed with secure chrome plated hardened brass locks, or, keyless combination locks — our cell phone lockers provide the solution.

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Squadron Cell Phone Locker (16 Doors) Squadron® Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALM44-230828
Spec Sheet
Includes master door
Installed base with U.S. Military
Surface or recessed wall mount
Factory price: $1,260.00