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The Squadron cell phone locker by Precision Locker Company offers a secure, convenient locker for the temporary storage of cellphones, iPhones, Smartphones and digital cameras. The Squadron is the ideal solution wherever cell phones or similar devices are restricted as in some schools and workplace environments. With sixteen mini compartments the Squadron cell phone locker will accommodate all standard cell phones, Smartphones and digital cameras. Customers may opt for either high security key locks or a unique keyless solution: a user definable combination lock that allows patrons to set and change their own combinations. Precision Locker Company has designed the Squadron cell phone locker with a master door which allows management immediate access and control.

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Squadron Cell Phone Locker (16 Doors) Squadron® Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALM44-230828
Spec Sheet
Includes master door
Installed base with U.S. Military
Surface or recessed wall mount
Factory price: $1,260.00