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NEW – Electronic Keypad Lock


  • All-metal housing: Durable with 10mm lock housing.
  • Three-level management: Master, Sub-master, User.
  • Public and Private mode: The same lock can switch between public mode and private mode freely.
  • Master key for emergency unlocking.
  • IP65 rating: High-level resistance to water, humidity and dust.
  • Low battery warning: Low battery indicator.

The electronic keypad lock utilizes a 4-digit combination and has three levels of codes – User, Sub-Master, and Master. In private mode, management sets a user code and the code can then be used repeatedly until changed again. In public mode, the user sets their own combination. This is a one-time use combination and upon use the compartment will remain unlocked until a new combination is set and the door is locked. Locks can be switched freely between modes by utilizing a Master or Sub-Master code. There is also a management key override in the event of lockouts. We provide 2 management keys per order. Additional management keys are available upon request. The locks are powered by a standard CR2450 battery and feature a low-battery indicator.