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Our newest Snapcharge cell phone locker both stores and charges cell phones via a custom USB cables. This unit is wall mounted and has the capability to simultaneously charge 12 cell phones, either android or Apple. This unit is available either with standard high security locks or user changeable combination locks. Ideal for military installations and typical work place environments. For more information, see below.

Squadron® cell phone lockers by Precision Locker Company are a convenient, secure, and space-saving solution for the non-charging storage of cell phones and small personal belongings. Squadron® lockers are designed to be wall mounted. However, our 16-door unit with a removable collar also allows for in-wall recessed installation. This cell phone locker unit by Precision Locker Company has a robust master door which allows management immediate access to all 16 compartments at once.

Military Use: Our cell phone storage lockers are used by the military in security zones where cell phones are forbidden.

Fitness Center Use: Fitness centers use our cell phone lockers as wallet lockers for the temporary storage of small personal belongings.

Office Use: A broad range of security conscious businesses in the private sector utilize our cell phone lockers to provide their employees with a safe place to store their smartphones and digital cameras.

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Squadron Cell Phone Locker (16 Doors) Squadron® Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALM44-230828
Spec Sheet
Includes master door
Installed base with U.S. Military
Surface or recessed wall mount
Factory price: $1,260.00

Snapchargeâ„¢ Cell Phone Locker (12 doors) Snapcharge™ Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALG26-260431
Spec Sheet
Customized USB cables
Wall mount
Standard or combo locks
Factory Price: $1,525

Super30 Cell Phone Locker (30 doors) Super30™ Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALM56-260831
Spec Sheet
30 individual locker compartments
Most Economical Price per Door!
Proprietary key locks or combo locks
Factory Price: $1,575.00