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Lockers for iPads and Other Tablets

Precision Locker Company's charging lockers are the most advanced solution for the safe storage and powering of mobile devices. iPads, iPhones, Android, and any other mobile device can be stored and recharged inside our Snapcharge™ products. A unit can simultaneously charge up to six devices, one in each secure compartment. Don't worry if you need more units! The Snapcharge™ lockers can be connected horizontally to accommodate all of your employees and/or patrons.

Library Use: Library visitors almost always arrive with mobile devices on hand. Our Snapcharge™ products act like a mobile charging station, perfect for their temporary use.

Hospital Use: Countless people may pass through a hospital over the course of a single day and each of them will be staying for a different length of time. With our Snapcharge™ lockers, they can now temporarily store and recharge their mobile devices with peace of mind.

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Snapcharge Tablet Locker (6 Doors) Snapcharge™ Tablet Locker

Model #STG23-260430K

For charging tablets and iPads
Welded steel construction
High security key locks
Factory Price: $925.00

Snapchargeâ„¢ Cell Phone Locker (12 doors) Snapcharge™ Cell Phone Locker

Model #ALG26-260431
Spec Sheet
Customized USB cables
Wall mount
Standard or combo locks
Factory Price: $1,525