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Military Customers

Department of the Navy
USS Leyte Gulf
Norfolk Shipyard
US Border Patrol
Seal Team Seven
US Coast Guard
Department of Homeland Security
Fort Campbell
Fort Hood
Fort Belvoir
Fort Bliss
Kirtland AFB
Wright Patterson AFB
Andrews AFB

Government Agencies

Department of Treasury
Federal Reserve Bank
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Commerce
Department of State
Bureau of ATFi
US Marshal Service

Law Enforcement

Racine Police Department
Minneapolis Police Department
Fort Worth Police Department
Spokane Police Department
Tuscaloosa County Jail
Dutchess County Jail
Norfolk Sheriff's Office
Broward Sheriff's Office
Superior Court of Arizona
Superior Court of California
Carson City Juvenile Court


Michigan State University
University of Memphis
Florida State University
University of Texas
San Diego State University
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Central Florida
Framingham State University
College of the Holy Cross


Hurley Medical Center
Rochelle Community Hospital
Seaworld Parks
Major League Baseball